Portrait Of Guilt

Posted by Dane Carder on June 7, 2014

This morning, as I was working on the newest painting before I opened up the gallery, the thought crossed my mind that I am likely a better painter than a friend… it disturbed me.  To deal with the disturbance, in the moment, I dove deep into the painting (coping mechanism).  I am not saying that there is complete truth to this, but to some extent, it is arguable.  Being married with children, and being an artist with a gallery director job, seems to consume such a proportion of my time and energy, that I find a lame supply of the juice it takes to maintain close bonds with my possible friends.  I don’t generally feel guilty about this, but it arises from time to time (intensely with funerals in general, when I realize that I had not done very much to keep connected to the deceased while they were alive).  Anyways, not to be too heavy on the blog, but, I wanted to put this “out there,” as it may serve me well to do so, and then to make an investment in friendships.

                                                  Portrait Of Guilt –  26″x26″ acrylic and oil on linen – 2013

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