Plenty Rich

Posted by Dane Carder on April 24, 2019

I spent an hour on my back porch this morning, doing a little bit of work, and a good bit of staring. We have some very tall loblolly pines that edge our property and keep the back of the house comfortably insulated from most everything. There are lots of birds and squirrels keeping busy this time of year, and they provided festive company as I sat and enjoyed the ideal spring morning. My neighbor came and sat with me for a little while… he’s always curious how I “work,” and manage to spend the time I do at home. He reiterated to me the fact that everyone that has lived in our house since he’s been next door (40 years), has gotten rich and moved on to bigger houses, etc.  He’s long waited for our ship to come in in such a way, and he told me this morning that he’s hoping my time is coming soon. We laugh about it. This morning, I asked him, as I looked out over my perfect little back yard, “Why should I want to move on from this?”

In my writing this morning, I penned out a metaphor as I described feeling a mountain of motivation within me… desire to work and push hard to create and shake things up, etc.  Then, there’s an ocean of peace and desire to relax and enjoy the simple life… to not get caught up in the striving to reach new heights. Having the two forces coexist is our Nature, and I am working daily on managing the powers of both these energies; getting pushed around a bit.

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