Pho (ck)

Posted by Dane Carder on August 5, 2019

Today was a messed up kinda day. The kids went back to school, and the rest of everything went bzzzrttttttchchchchcheeeeeeeert.

I can’t blame this one on Mercury being in retrograde, because I think that crazy shit was over a week or so ago. Making art, dealing with mold in a storage unit and my mom’s home, trying to solve a bozo electrician’s pho(ck) up, and gritting teeth over a relatively new school’s failings… all on top of Monday.

Thanks for allowing the dump of a tiny bit of complaining. AND, the mass shootings this past weekend certainly ripple through the energies and lay waste to peace. I had been wondering why I live in Nashville, a wanna be big city posing like Insta-city, in a conservative religious land-locked state… Now, I’m really kinda wondering why I live in this country. Right, all the freedoms and such… BUT, what a pho(cked) up bunch of systems we (white men) have built. So much brokenness.

Hope is a tricky tool. Happy Monday!

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