Phases of the Moon

Posted by Dane Carder on March 6, 2019


Around sixty percent of our body is water. As the moon effects the tides of the ocean, so it is that is has an effect on us. I have long been drawn to keeping track of the phases… my mom likes to take credit for my interest. She says that when we were little kids that she would always point out the marvelous astrological bodies. I’d imagine my fascination goes back much further, maybe thousands of years, but I still give my mom credit. I’ve been known to start paintings on full or new moons, under the notion that these phases offer the best energy for beginning new endeavors… My research has not proven any added value for the efforts, to my knowledge. Regardless, the Earth’s shadow on an orbiting orb that holds powerful sway over the ocean tides and menstrual cycles and much more is spellbinding… leading to inspiration throughout the ages. The painting above is New Moon, from the series I completed in 2016 when I produced one painting every week for the entire year… it is not the only new moon painting from that series.

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