Perfect enough

Posted by Dane Carder on March 23, 2016

It’s a fluid, organic project, actually… One Painting Per Week For A Year.  It seems that it would be pretty straight forward, but I’m sort-of winging it as I go.  Still, I will produce one painting per week for the year, but, evidently, they may not be completely finished by the end of the week, and, posting a blog about them may not even happen in the same month.  I’ll keep doing my best, that’s all I ask of me.  The two pieces posted here are from three and two weeks ago.  Somehow, the pink on pink took much more consideration than meets the eye.  In my mind, I played out dozens of compositional solutions, but, again ended up with another simplified color on color.  I don’t know what I think about it, and I’d rather not think about it.  I need to paint.  Still, as I transition out of the representational work, the discomfort remains.  There is a missing element to the abstract work, and it’s a little depressing at times… and, I don’t have the spare studio time to wallow in these feelings.  So, I’m shuffling around the studio a lot these days, pulling out past paintings, reminiscing, looking again at Civil War photos, making random black and white abstract paintings that reference those images… pausing, allowing the Source to have it’s way with me, and then painting more.  There are no exhibits scheduled, no curator waiting, no commissions on deck… just an artist in the studio.  This is how it is, and it is perfect enough.

                                                               twentysixteen – 09  (pool)  –  24″x24″  –  $500

                                                               twentysixteen – 10   –  24″x24″  –  $500

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