Over the halfway hill

Posted by Dane Carder on July 25, 2016

Lately, it seems quite common that I operate with a gigantic lack of serenity and an abundance of discontent.  There are a lot of ingredients in this recipe for disaster, I know… and, while I’m doing most of the cooking, I can’t seem to stray from the instructions.  My mind is a battlefield of judgement and hostility, and though I know there are solutions,  I don’t apply them often enough.  I like to blame the full moon, or tiredness, or diet, or this or that… it’s so easy to blame.  Maybe, that’s total BS… maybe, the combination of things is a poison concoction.  Regardless, there are many ways to change, and I am accustomed to using the studio to help manifest the healing.  Unfortunately, lately, my studio practice has been a source of more yuck than good.  This One Painting Per Week For A Year project has officially crossed the halfway point, and that’s something to hang my hat on… and, I think I am going to show the first half in my studio with a “BACK TO SCHOOL SALE”  Stay tuned for details.  Anyways, maybe I’ll turn the corner when my daughters go back to school… or, when I just decide I’ve had enough of this way of thinking.  The two paintings here are visual manifestations of sorts of what I might prefer my mind to feel like, instead of how it has felt.  The blue one was done after the beach trip, and the subtleness and depth came naturally… The white dots (none times nine) are symbolic of a multiple of nothingness, as if a state of meditation had mutated into quiet fine art.  Well, I’ll keep posting… I hope you keep visiting.  Thanks for the support.

                                                           twentysixteen-26 (ocean) – 24″x24″ – $500

                                                            twentysixteen-27 (none times nine) – 24″x24″

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