One Of Those Nights

Posted by Dane Carder on June 8, 2019

There’s just not much bubbling to the surface this evening to blog about, but duty calls. Showing up is at least half of the battle, and sometimes, that’s all that I can give. I bought my first pair of “readers” today, after at least six false starts of trying them on at various stores. It was several days ago that reading blurry words at breakfast sounded the alarm. Oftentimes, asking for help in nearly impossible, and that’s a bit what it felt like in committing to having readers. There is no shame at all, or embarrassment, or anything really, except stubbornness. I sought to go as long as possible without giving my sight a crutch. I am glad I waited, and happy to see better now. Moving forward, it will be the next challenge to have them on me, and to use them. Anyways, tomorrow will be fully employed in the garage renovation project, as I have moved into painting and cleaning and then on to the floors. Such projects feed on themselves and inspire action.

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