Once Bitten

Posted by Dane Carder on April 17, 2019

I have been going back and forth about doing an Open Studio / Spring Sale on the first Saturday in May. I have a bunch of work under a thousand dollars (“affordable”), that I would like to install in the hall, but I am resisting the commitment. I have had several of these sorts of events in the past, and it has not always turned out so well for me, in various regards. I don’t wish to repeat the same mistake… but, I need to do something with all of the inventory that I have to make it more accessible. The Art Crawl is that night, and that’s usually not my favorite night to exhibit my work… so, I am pondering other options. I need to decide soon and start publicizing it… which is where I feel I have been burned/bitten before. I like to feel I’m strong enough to go back into the flame, but I’m not sure I am. Neglect and rejection are my darkest demons…

I saw Patty Griffin at the Ryman tonight, and in her song, Standing, she sang, “Mother, I am weak but I am strong.”  –  Amen

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