on your mark…

Posted by Dane Carder on February 3, 2013

to date, february is the most deadline inspired month of my career as an artist.  it is quite possible that i will be creating one hundred and thirty-nine pieces for a show in mid march.  sounds ridiculous, and maybe it is.  luckily, it is this factor that fuels a bit of the mayhem, and it will either crush me or lift me above the wreckage.  i will also be working on the last of the three commissioned paintings for the MCC.  i should pack lunch and dinner for these days in the cold studio.  in two days, i begin training for my sixth half marathon… seems to be perfect time for such a metaphor.  tomorrow, i will be making a big move in my career, and i am simmering the stew of many emotions today.  nashville is experiencing a national spotlight at the moment, and it will show our character to see how we respond and move forward.  well, it’s sunday, and the life is calling.  positivity is available.

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