On “E”

Posted by Dane Carder on April 13, 2019

I went to bed after blogging last night, and I was considering getting out of bed to redo the post. I didn’t get out of bed, or redo the post, but I did feel it was sub par. I was ok with that, as all of these are not going to be good, even average, I don’t imagine. I didn’t resolve to write one “above average” blog post for every day of this year… I only agreed to writing one post a day for the year. So, I move on and I hope to gain a little more inspiration behind the posts, because I have lately felt the lag. I mostly post at night, and that could be part of the problem. Having wound down the day, my interest begins to get focussed on getting to bed, and that does not equate to high quality product. I have taken note, named the “problem,” and I’ll work from this point to be more invested in what I am posting.

The taxes are sent off. I started a new painting that’s an anomaly in the studio. The Pred’s won game two in overtime.

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