Old dog, new tricks

Posted by Dane Carder on January 29, 2019

Last year, I went snow skiing for the first time in my life… I was forty-five. I had long wanted to go, but the opportunity was never presented in a way that materialized a trip for me. It was a most wonderful experience to learn such a sport, with lots of awkward feelings and thoughts the first day. There is a muscle memory that makes the whole thing go smoothly, and it doesn’t happen immediately… as far as my lessons went. Anyways, by day two, I had enough skill to move to the blue slopes and ski safely for the remainder of the trip… only once did I really fear for injury after falling backwards and smacking my head on the hard cold ground. Skiing is a magical combination of surrender and effort, and this is one of the Life lessons that I try to live by… equal parts surrender and effort.

Tomorrow, I head back to the mountains to do it again, though this time a little less green. I have hopes to have my way with some black diamond runs while exploring the infamous bowls of this particular mountain. There are so many other gifts available on this trip (one not being my 3:15am wake up), some as simple as the sacred time in flight, disconnected from Earth. It’s a weird Life in body form on this planet, and I am excited to take my vessel on another journey… There’s plenty more to get to about this, but it’s nearing ten o’clock, and I’ve got some things to do before I sleep for several hours. Thanks for stopping by.

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