Of Ghosts And Hopes

Posted by Dane Carder on April 15, 2011

this is how the Of Ghosts And Hopes project began… on april, 12th, 2011 (the 150th anniversary of the first fired shots of the war,) i went back to a painting that i began last year to finish it so that it could be included in the series. at the conclusion of my project, there will be a total of 36 paintings that tell the story of the Civil War from its beginnings to the events surrounding the end of the war. i intend to find a site where it can be installed as a permanent, historical art installation to commemorate the people of the war. i will hopefully be completing nine paintings a year over the course of the next four years… it is a daunting task, for i am not a full time artist right now… i have a day job, and i have familial responsibilities… but, i also have determination and fire, and with these fuels i know that it can be done. i am also in the process of seeking funding for this project to ensure proper timing of its completion… i’ll let you know how that goes. anyway… i will do my best to keep posting here about this project, because i want to share the process with you, and i want some type of electronic documentation of this. until next time… godspeed.

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