Notes From a Blogger

Posted by Dane Carder on February 7, 2019

I began this resolution to blog once a day for the entire year with certain “goals” in mind. One was to simply challenge myself to come up with something of some amount of value to share every day. That would certainly stretch my capacity of worded expression, as I’m more naturally a visual based artist. The idea of “Art and the End of Suffering” continues to throw sparks in my mind, but I have yet to substantially delve into how that subject unfolds within this blog project. In the studio, there will be a visual element to this train of thought, but I am only now at the threshold of exploring that series. I will finish the commissioned portrait by the middle of next week, and then hopefully jump right in to the works that are forming in my mind. One of the other goals of this blog was to find a way to be of service to the arts community in a new way… I have yet to discover that.  Over the next few weeks, I intend on forcing my hand a little bit more here, hoping to expand on how I am approaching this project. If it gets out of hand, well, that’s meant to be… I’m not too interested in getting stuck in ruts here, I’d rather “trial and error” my way through this. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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