Not Feeling It

Posted by Dane Carder on May 12, 2019

You know the feeling.

It could be the morning, lying in bed, considering the day ahead. It could be a dinner date with a friend who you’re just not up to spending two hours with, because it’s been a long week, or the last time you got together they wore you out. Or, you’ve got to make dinner, and none of the foods elicit anything.

Well, I’m feeling a bit of that for this blog right now. It’s Mothers’ (the use of apostrophe here could be tricky… could be used as singular possessive), Day… I’m extremely hip to giving ALL the props to my mom, my wife, and all the moms, because they deserve so many praises. But, I’m not charged with the energy to produce such a post, and I’m not willing to get down on myself. It was a lovely day of celebrating my wife… and all of the mom’s in her family. I made a coffee cake for the first time last night, and I could eat it to the point of getting sick if I had a bit less self control. I’m tired from insulating the garage yesterday, and a lot of cooking over the last twenty-four hours. Tomorrow is going to be a full day, and then I head to Huntington, WV for two days to help at Jim’s for Strawberry Pie Week.

Anyways, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms!

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