No Shortcuts

Posted by Dane Carder on December 4, 2019

Here’s another idea that could get one tangled. As I spent twelve hours driving to Philadelphia today to purchase an old Hobart mixer, a couple of people questioned whether or not I needed to go this far to get what I needed. I thought about it, and that answer to them both was, “Yes… there are no shortcuts.” I am replicating the production of Jim’s spaghetti sauce just as it is done at the store, and that required a specific mixer. The man in charge of retrofitting the mixers at the store led me to search for such a specific model, and now I’m in Philly to buy it. So, are there really “no shortcuts?” Wouldn’t it be smart to utilize them if they serve the greater good, and show no negative consequences??? Certainly. Nothing is ever so clearly black and white… there’s a “both/and” flavor to most things, and the “no shortcuts” falls in with that. For my mission, there will be no shortcuts in a lot of ways, as I am seeking to do it “right,” just as it’s done at Jim’s. That’s just me doing my best… the rest is fluff.

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