No Paint December

Posted by Dane Carder on December 11, 2018


Working on John – 2018

A couple of weeks ago, out of the blue, I decided to not paint any during the month of December. Maybe, I would dabble a tiny bit on a commissioned portrait, but, for the most part, I was not going to spend time in the studio. The last year has been full of trials and errors, and some successes. Much of my studio time was committed to making purely abstract work, with the intention of expanding my studio “business model.” I placed this work in a couple of different places, Holland & MacRae in Atlanta, and The Arts Company in Nashville. I was hoping to add a slightly more commercial series to the studio output, that for twelve years was replete with heavy content laden works. The abstract practice was thoroughly enjoyed, as I dove head first into a fresh mode of painting, using color and dancing with design challenges. Then, at some point, a truth rained down on me, and I realized the road ahead, and the heart within, was not inspired enough by this abstract painting practice. Also, it became obvious to me that my dedication to daily studio work had overstepped its bounds… I needed a break. So, I’m now enjoying raking leaves, rebuilding my website, researching, and lots of the billions of other things besides making new work.? I didn’t realize the extent of the pressure that I was putting on myself to be productive, to try to create income from the work, and to “contribute” in a certain way. Taking my foot off the gas at this time has saved my life, as I was apparently speeding into oblivion. Last year was full of redefining many notions that I seemed to believe in, including my self. The series of paintings that I am committing to for 2019 is titled, Re: The Reconstruction. In image, it continues to utilize Civil War photos, and, on one hand, it deals with how we still are wrestling with our past as we navigate current political and social issues… but, I also hope to illustrate more spiritual/philosophical ideas that pertain to ego and what it means to be human. “Reconstructing” my self has been an intentional dynamic to 2018, and it has been brutal and beautiful… I am grateful for each day, and excited about the next year. Thanks for being a part of this.

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