Posted by Dane Carder on May 5, 2019

We still get the Tennessean seven days a week. I think that we are likely some of the youngest people with such a subscription. We have certainly thought about cancelling it for years, but our girls’ enjoyment of it makes ending this long run of paper news much more difficult than expected. There is valuable value in the slow news. There is magic in flipping the pages while eating breakfast… or skimming mediocre articles over dinner. It usually stays on the dining room table, and does a sort of paper gymnastics over its’ brief lifetime there… folded, separated and rearranged. There is a certain nostalgia with it for sure, and I guess that we cling to it as a vestige of a time long gone, when a more manageable amount of information was streaming through us all. Today, my wife mentioned the idea of cancelling the paper… it makes plenty of sense to do so. It is not cheap, for what it is, but this photo, and the enjoyment of the experience watching my kids’ digest it slowly is priceless.

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