Moving Along

Posted by Dane Carder on July 3, 2019

The thirty paintings are slowly progressing, and I’m remaining mostly detached from the results. Meditation is not so much about some qualifiable end game, but about presence and acceptance. There seems to be a fluidity to the state of mind, until the meditative moment when it sinks into the center and mind disappears… until it catches that it’s in that space, and then it moves again. I am operating in a system in the studio, where the fluidity flows, and disappearance into the practice guides everything; no mind.

The work for the January show is problematic, because I am thinking about it… all mind. An answer to that problem arose today when I began to consider the game plan of just starting to make some paintings (or constructions). My longest and largest challenge in the studio is the tendency to play it safe. By this, I mean mostly in technical aspects. I don’t take many chances with mediums or styles. The subject matter of the Civil War is the risk I take. Might I be best off, and the audience too, if I just “let go”…

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