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Posted by Dane Carder on May 5, 2014

David Lusk Gallery, Nashville is now into it’s third exhibit, and I am settling in quite well with the job of director.  Kit Reuther has the honors for the month of May, and she delivered with a mountain of beautiful work.  I am extremely pleased to be working with her, as she has proven year after year to be one of the city’s most “successful” visual artists.

Part of the settling in has involved maintaining my studio practice, and for the last several weeks, I have found myself dedicated to daily painting.  This, on some days, only consists of 30-45 minutes in between running morning errands and opening up the gallery.  But, it is consistent, and it is productive.  I have moved on from Gilbert Hunter, the second figurative piece for the Parthenon show, and I have launched into the wallpaper series for that show.  The first piece is finished, and, as of now, it is titled Sarah (more on the choice of title later).
I will likely finish the next one this week, and the third panel will be started.  As it has been a while away from the blog, there is much more to report, and maybe, just maybe, I will get back here soon to share some of the details.  

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