Posted by Dane Carder on October 27, 2016

It’s been a long time, blog.  I am still creating one painting per week, and, in general, I am keeping up with the weekly schedule.  I still haven’t blogged about a painting that I did in June, as it lingered in the studio, possibly unfinished, but then I sold it, and it is finished.  I’ll blog about it one day, but not today.  I have a backlog of pieces to cover, and tonight, I’ll approach two that take the moon as subject (not foreign territory in this project).  I am inching closer to the end of this painting journey, and I have begun to wonder if I will miss it, and, if so, what will I do about missing it.  I imagine that I could keep painting this format, this style, for a while… it’s a great counter-point to the bigger Work that happens in my studio.  I have sold about ten of this series so far, and about ten remain to be painted…  I am curious what happens next.  Anyways, life remains abundantly full cup… that’s all I can offer for now.  Drink Up!

                                                             twentysixteen-33 (Full Moon Beam) – 24″x24″

                                                               twentysixteen-35 (New Moon II) -24″x24″

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