Month Four

Posted by Dane Carder on March 31, 2019


The daily blogging has not missed a beat yet this year, as the new year’s resolution rolls on with possible shifts in the near future… not guaranteed. I have had ideas about trying to be of greater service with this endeavor, because it can easily settle into overly self reflective scribblings that are prone to getting lost in the ether. There is some chance that my personal experience/insight/investigation might crack open a thought about something that could shine light somewhere… maybe. I’m not too concerned about the results of this blogging, but, in general, I like to add value rather than not.

It is both daunting and exciting to think that I have only completed one quarter of this project. The opportunities are many, and hopefully April will deliver some of the new blog nutrients that better sustain readership and engagement.

Thanks for stopping by.

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