Maybe, Maybe Not

Posted by Dane Carder on June 29, 2019

Having an art show to work towards has been a part of my life for two decades. This past year, I thought I was done with showing locally for a while, as my stay here in the art scene had seemed to run it’s course for the time being. I felt like I had “aged out” in a sense, and needed to disappear. Well, that was a dramatic, emotional period, and maybe I have cleared that… maybe not. Regardless of all of that, I agreed to do a show with another artist this coming January.

I’ve been a little bit wrecked about what the work will look like for this show, as I’m in the first phase of developing a large new series that is not right for this two person exhibit. So, I’ve been mentally constructing/deconstructing visual iterations on the current series. It’s ripe for riffs, and I just need to pick one and stick with it… and, maybe I’ve decided, maybe not.

The Air We Breathe / The Air of Ours¬† –¬† I’m working with a title along these lines, and who knows??? Anything is possible.

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