marching on

Posted by Dane Carder on December 22, 2011

marching on. since november, there was the Small Packages show… it passed in a flash. now, i seem to have an extra nine tiny paintings in my collection. selling art is magic, i don’t understand. i want to say some things here, but i won’t. i witness my inability to move paintings that are priced at $250, and in the studio, i am working on pieces that i have begun pricing at $10,000. they might as well be that price. i am working on projects that are in pieces, and puzzling them together is another bit of magic. i am working on a gallery show that is yet to be scheduled. i have secured my first “museum show” for november, 2013, and i will soon start the process of putting that together. the paintings that are for the four year Project will be included in the museum show, along with a number of others. i have two submissions sent to other regional galleries, and i patiently with a bit of anxiety wait on a response. i need to get in with another dealer; one is not enough. i am prepared to take the month of january to work towards securing funding for the Project. i will not be painting houses during this time, and that excites me beyond belief. i will be able to wake up and take myself directly to the Work… that is not usual. i wanted to begin a winter painting project, but i realized that i can not afford to take on more projects if i want to live without being crushed. threesquared held another opening, and the show was a success as far as i’m concerned. sara did a wonderful job curating Stomping Grounds, the group photography show… i could not be more pleased with her work so far. we have shows lined up for february and march, and we are working towards setting some more dates… threesquared is growing wings. Camp Griff, the painting on my easel, is getting stronger and nearing completion. will i be taken to any art fairs this year, and displayed? i don’t know, and i want to know, and i want to surrender it. i can get to the studio and do the Work. 2012 is going to be a breakout year for this business. i am thirty-nine and primed.

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