Making Lemonade

Posted by Dane Carder on August 4, 2019

I have been trying to resolve a “printer problem” for a couple of weeks, and yesterdays blog touched on what I thought was the solution. Silly me. Though it was good practice to clean the printer heads, the issue, come to find out, was within the digital image itself. The transformation of digital information was somehow getting whacked out as the computer was sending the “image” to print. So, I now have a decent collection of striped prints, and I rather like them. Funny thing, I sent this image to a photographer friend of mine to get his thoughts on solving the problem, and he expressed his appreciation for the mis-print image.

Anyways, I’ll take these “mistakes” and play with them in the studio. They are source material for the paintings I have planned for the Red Arrow Gallery show in January. I need to get them started… Christmas is just around the corner.

My youngest daughter starts high school tomorrow. That’s a hoot and a reality check.

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