Posted by Dane Carder on November 5, 2019

Today, I returned again to Jim’s to move deeper into my spaghetti sauce endeavor. It is lovely to be learning something like this… learning, period. Today, I worked to attain the cost per batch, and I think that I ended up with an answer. Some old restaurants like my family’s, don’t take the time or energy to do cost analysis… they just do what they need to do until it’s obviously broken. Nobody at Jim’s has know what the cost is on a forty gallon batch of sauce is, and I think it would serve them well. So, I took on the task.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to another forty gallons, and I’ll get to make it. I need to ensure that I’m doing all the details just as they have been done over the last seventy-five years. It’s a long legacy behind me, and I am ready to carry it forward. Sleep calls to me, as it was a long day, and the daylight savings things is still playing with my energy.

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