Learning to Fly

Posted by Dane Carder on December 3, 2018

Studio – December 2018

In December of 2007, I began exhibiting other artists in my Chestnut Square Studio in the Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood. I wanted to be of service and offer the Nashville art scene something different than a typical commercial?gallery. With the help of Sara Estes, threesquared operated for just over seven years, and in that time, the neighborhood’s Art Crawl was born. In 2014, I helped to?open a big commercial gallery, and for three years, we hosted monthly Art Crawls. Next, I launched Dane Carder Studio as a studio/gallery, and I continued to participate in the Art Crawl. Now, as I continue shaping the business model?of my studio, I am preparing to step away from “the Crawl.”? After Tim Hooper’s?show, I will host one last exhibit in February, and then quietly walk away from that scene. (Stating the obvious) Nashville has changed drastically over the last eleven years, and I am looking forward to exploring where I am now best of service in this?city… or, elsewhere.?It has been a pleasure to have been involved in the evolution of the Wedgewood/Houston (and Nashville) art scene, and as it continues to adapt to all of the forces that swirl around it, I’ll be cheering it on from the sidelines.
I will still maintain my studio, working diligently on a new series of paintings, and I’ll keep “regular” hours if you are ever interested in stopping by for a visit. Thank you all for the many years of support that you have offered… I am grateful.

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