Lake life

Posted by Dane Carder on May 26, 2019

My dad had a boat when I was young, but we really didn’t have the experience of “lake life.”  It was more likely just a part of his escapist lifestyle that included alcoholism and golf, amongst other things. I was scared of swimming in the lake. I don’t remember getting much parental support around this, but who knows? Now, my in-laws have had a lake house for about ten years, and I am very grateful that my kids are growing up with a better “lake life” experience than I had. We don’t ski, or tube, or anything extremely fun, but we vacate, relax, and get on the water for slow and easy enjoyment.

Yesterday, we were knocked out of the soccer tournament, and that opened the door for our escape to the lake for a day and a half. I was able to help my father in law fix some joists on the dock, along with some decking, an I watched the girls as the giggled and swam around the dock. The work will continue tomorrow, but there might also be time for a swim… I am grateful.

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