Joy and Happiness

Posted by Dane Carder on May 9, 2019

Tonight, I celebrated my birthday with carryout pizza while watching my oldest daughter play soccer. We had reservations for dinner at a delicious Indian restaurant, but this game got scheduled as a make up for a rained out game, and we shifted the party. It could have been easy to feel some disappointment, especially after three situations today that taxed my capacity to deal with emotional, “confrontational” experiences. I had to adult hard when I kinda wanted to stroll easy through a birthday without any attention given away to others mistakes. Anyways, joy prevailed throughout the day, as I walked confidently through the fires before putting them out. I felt forty-seven… no more room for wasting time, beating around the bush, etc. Deal with it head on, sourcing joy and deep roots to bloom into any experience, even if it’s unpretty. Happy Birthday? What about Joyful? Happy is too contingent upon external situations, and that’s just dangerous. I am looking forward to this year. It might be time to shave the beard.

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