It’s Personal

Posted by Dane Carder on August 13, 2019

Before I left the studio today, I storm arrived with a mighty fist. Hail pelted the roof and windows and sounded magical. I pulled up the radar to see what I was in for on my journey to pick up my kids from school. The “isolated” storm image brought to my mind that this one was personal… like Nashville was the recipient of a fierce lashing specifically for its recent behavior.

Downstairs from my studio, Royal Circus has been operating for almost a year. The “furniture store” is much more than that… it is an environment designed with carful intention. It is as beautiful as it is mindful. But, it will be closing for good at the end of this month. Whether it is the location, the overhead, or whatever, the owners can no longer sustain operations with the apparent lack of business. Such seems the case so far with retail in this “neighborhood of creatives.” If you’re in retail, and not selling alcohol, you’r going to have a hard time staying open. There are some survivors, but it’s bloody hard to succeed in Wedgewood/Houston selling goods.


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