Posted by Dane Carder on October 9, 2019

My running regimen has been absent over the last month or so. Days slip past fast. Now, it’s almost the middle of October, and I kicked my own ass to get out in the streets for a couple of miles. The weather finally gave way to the season, and that makes all the difference. I gave my best to make the treadmill thing at the gym work, but that petered out… Now, it’s easier to walk out the door, stretch, and make it happen. I hope to find the habit again, because inertia set in and started to do its damage.

In other news, I spent a lot of money today to buy 1/4″x3″x3′ oak boards today to begin making frames for the portal paintings… I’ve got a lot of cutting, sanding, and staining to do, and fast. It’s like busy work, and that’s something I’ll disappear into over the next week. Ciao.

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