In the Wild erness

Posted by Dane Carder on April 23, 2019

It was a bit wild today in the studio without the common traits of wild. I have been simmering several ideas for new work that relates to the Re: The Reconstruction series, and a couple of them came forth today in their first phases. The slow internal undulating of their energy has required work to keep them under wraps, and ample anxiety has been fed by this dynamic. It erupted today, and when I get back to the studio tomorrow, I’ll have a better idea of what value today’s demonstration had. I spoke with two dear friends today, and the meandering conversations offered plenty of food for thought, and delivered gratitude for those relationships. I am aware that my occasional brooding colors me in a way that is not completely representational of the various hues I hold. I have long been highly conscious of my tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve, and that sometimes this is too messy a wardrobe for wearing in public. I don’t know that I can, or care to, alter this part of me. I seek to work and work and work toward a higher vibration that exudes more of the joy that I carry, and to keep in perspective the weighted traits of my person. We are lots… heavens and hells; wild.

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