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Posted by Dane Carder on August 9, 2012

the studio remains ablaze with flames from numerous projects. the 19th century wallpaper patterns are heavy on my mind these days… i can hardly wait to jump deeper into the Work that employs them. spontaneously, about a week or so ago, i freed an old painting from the stacked collection of unfinished paintings, and i solved it’s problem. it had been in limbo for about two years, and it was slowly dying at the back of my studio. the solution to the problem arose naturally, there was no force involved in the process, and it proved to be perfect… by my understanding of “perfect.” i twitch a bit when i consider the pieces that will come from these paper patterns… inspiration works like that. i will soon be delivering several paintings to the gallery . if you live in nashville, stop by and ask to see them… if you feel so inclined. there is much more to report, but this morning needs me elsewhere.

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