In the Lab

Posted by Dane Carder on May 30, 2019


It’s eleven eleven on Thursday night, and I have just returned home from another quick trip to the family’s restaurant. This adventure was to get some deeper insight into the long process of cooking the famous spaghetti sauce. I thoroughly enjoyed the intimate experience with this storied sauce, and I hope that this was just the first of many more to come. At another point, I’ll elaborate on the family tree of spaghetti sauce masters that have kept the recipe secret while churning out forty gallons a day, five days a week, for over forty-five years. Jim’s is special in many ways, and this staff anomaly is one of the highlights.

Well, I’m jumping into an art installation at the studio on Friday for four graphic designers that also make artwork. The hall will shift aesthetics, and hopefully some attention will be brought to my studio hall mates at DesignUps. The opening reception is on Saturday night during the Art Walk, but I will be absent due to other obligations. I’m not too upset, as my tolerance of the “art crawl” is little to none these days. It’s been a good week, and the weekend looks primed for more goodness.

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