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Posted by Dane Carder on April 11, 2019

Bending Time

I have a series of mixed media pieces in my studio inventory from several years ago, and I’ve been thinking about them lately. Several of them are leaning against one of the studio walls, and they elicit a decent stream of feedback from visitors. Many people assume that they are paintings, I guess because that is mostly what I do. They look very much like photos (because they are), but not like standard photos, and that’s where people’s minds get busy trying to decode what these pieces are. Their scale (7″x5″) is intimate, and I’m into this relationship… maybe, specifically in contrast to the large paintings that I am often creating. The psychology of our relationship/response to images that are scaled at photograph size is full of opportunity for dissection. We have a relatively short history with looking at photographs, and in that time, we have likely undergone a specific shift in our relationship to ourselves and to the past. It is a fascinating topic, and I would enjoy a four hour conversation with someone that has researched/studied this field.

I would like to scale up this sort of imagery and see what it does in larger format. I have another series that I would also like to do that to, and so, maybe one day, I’ll dedicate some time to this task… One day, when I am completely out of  ideas for new work???

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