How to Cope

Posted by Dane Carder on June 12, 2016

Posting three paintings for the first time in this project, and this gets me “all caught up.”  So many of us spend so much energy trying to “catch up,” and it’s really a most unfortunate way to spend the moments.  The painting twentysixteen-21 is subtitled, Ease, as I am currently feeling that way in the midst of many moments.  Conflicts and struggles and hustle abounds, but maintaining some sense of ease about it all seems to assist in the common anxiety that often ails me.  With a sensory and empathic system that works overtime, I can’t afford to be paralyzed by the overwhelming onslaught of everything… there’s work to be done.  So, I seek “SERENITY NOW!!!!”  The paintings in this project are part of the process… creating visual manifestations that might offset the frantic vibrations of fear.
Anyways, enough about all of that.  There was another terrible tragedy today on Earth, this one in Florida, as hate found another soldier to do it’s work.  Other than love, I have no apt response.

                                                                 twentysixteen-21 (Ease)  –  24″x24″  –  $500


                                                                          twentysixteen-23 (Current)

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