Home Again, Home Again

Posted by Dane Carder on February 6, 2019

I skied for six days straight, generally from 8:30 each morning until 4:00, when the slopes closed; I did not tire of it at all. My knees, they may have tired some. According to the fancy app, I skied nearly 143,000 vertical feet… maybe, that’s around twenty-seven miles. It being only my second time to go skiing, I felt like a little childlike explorer, constantly curious about the very next sensation that was on its way. The visuals were stunning, Mother Nature showing off some of her best work. The sounds of several snow conditions colliding with skis, the input from intense impact of Earth moving upward through feet and legs and torso, the cold kissing exposed skin… it all makes for a glorious celebration of feelings. I am grateful to All who made this experience possible. I am now ready and excited to get back to the other beautiful things that sustain me daily… and, I hope to hold a little piece of the mountain’s magic closer to my heart as the days come and go.

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