Hills and Waves

Posted by Dane Carder on July 6, 2016

I am now past the halfway mark of this One Painting Per Week For A Year project, and it seems to be going as naturally as breakfast.  I tend to these pieces often in the in-between-times of all the other business of the day, and, by the end of each week, there is a painting that I can confidently claim as mine and done.  I’m obviously not reinventing the art wheel here, nor am I shooting to get into a blue chip gallery in Chelsea with this collection… it remains a practice of putting paint down, and not concerning myself with the art world aspect of making art.  I have just returned from a week at the beach, and one of the best things about the vacation was not being saturated with the multiple facets of the art world… which can be a sickening mixture of emptiness and ego.  But, I digress… the two pieces here brought delight to me, as I played more with pattern than I had been, and it seemed to work.  Anyways, thanks for stopping by… and, I am still trying to pick a date to display the first half of the project in my studio.  Stay tuned.

                                                            twentysixteen-24 (Hills)  –  24″x24″ – $500

  twentysixteen-25 (Waves)  – 24″x24″ – $500

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