Having Tea

Posted by Dane Carder on February 24, 2019

After an intentional effort to keep to myself a bit over the last couple of seasons, I am working to reconnect and begin establishing some semblance of a new community of friends. At forty-six years old, some of the realities of the “mid-life crisis” arrived unexpectedly… guess that could be why it’s a “crisis.” I have evaluated relationships and come to understand more deeply some awakening truths. Much of this process is rooted in my relationship with myself, and how trauma and depression have colored the majority of my life. An armored heart only allows love at a certain level, and the level of protection that I required dictated my vulnerability, and lack of. A sensitive soul from the start, in order to soften the blows, I found tools to cope, and it now seems time to lose those tools. There is some brutal work to be done to heal, shadow selves to slay. While that internal work continues, I have begun to make the long journey toward connecting with others on new levels. The topic of connection has been on my mind for years, as it is certain that our internet community has wrought havoc on the intimacy of person to person relationships. So, I am inviting folks to join me for tea… it seems like a simple old fashioned way to gather and connect. We don’t need much, but I believe that we need quality conversations, face to face.

(Let me know if you want to come have tea at the Studio)

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