Fullness, pt. 2

Posted by Dane Carder on July 30, 2019

Friday in Atlanta was given to “business.” I picked up about a dozen paintings that Holland & MacRae have had for a year or so that didn’t sell. The feelings surrounding the re-acquisition of older paintings are itchy. Where do they fit in the inventory stacks? Is there life after exhibition for them? Are they unwanted like I felt as the child of an alcoholic?

Next, I bounced around from gallery to gallery to see work, meet people, and stockpile data of sorts. There was not much artwork that kept my attention. The highlight was hearing tales of Atlanta’s art scene from gallery owners… sounds a lot like Nashville. Evidently, though, designers utilize the galleries for their projects. I tried to see the resurrected Fay Gold Gallery, but it was closed, and by peeking in sensed not much to mention.

I escaped the ugly city before the notorious traffic had a chance to foil my exit. I sped northbound to make my way to Townsend, TN, just outside of the Smoky Mountain National Park. That park is the most visited national park in the country… take that, Yellowstone. I was to meet an acquaintance of mine and his wife at their cabin, with the plan to hike Mt. LeConte the next morning. Calling him a friend seemed strange to me when I was explaining to my family what I was doing on this trip. We’ve had several interactions, but it felt like we had not really cemented a friendship. There was between us a general respect/appreciation/connection, but limited experience together set some parameters with defining the relationship. Anyways, he was to be hiking this mountain for the fiftieth time, and me, my first.

Jim’s spaghetti was served Friday night, and my soon to be friends delighted in the treat. I took great pleasure in sharing their experience with the deliciousness; my tastebuds still dance with Jim’s sauce. The next morning, we shuffled around, all doing our personal preparation parade… right breakfast, backpack, snacks, liquids, extra whatever for the trip up the trail. It was early, and the long day ahead loomed in a glorious way; anticipation theater.

To be continued…

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