Posted by Dane Carder on July 28, 2019

Last Thursday, I left on a solo road trip. The urge to say “yes” to opportunities is filling me lately, and I followed through and it paid off this time. Of course, saying “no” has plenty of value too, but I am focussed on this certain sort of invitation to “aromatic” life experiences. The first stop was in Chattanooga, where I had another friendly lunch with an artist friend of mine. We caught up on studio and family shenanigans, and promised to see each other again soon. Then, I made my way to Atlanta, and did not get caught in traffic upon my arrival around four thirty. I made it to a gallery just before they closed, and met the owner who I have recently been in email contact with… the human connection proved its value. We spoke of art and cities and may have planted a seed for future harvest. Then, I needed tea.

After the break, I made my way across town without getting thumped by the notorious mess of meandering cars. I landed at Marcia Wood Gallery and squeezed into a parallel parking spot right in front of the door. The opening of Brian Novatny’s show was what enticed me to Atlanta on this particular date, and I’m glad I said “yes.” His work is finely balanced between attention to content and paint surface, just what I truly appreciate. He and I have played phone tag for about four months… but, in the flesh, the game of tag was over. Human connection again wins. I stayed with the handful of others past the nine o’clock closing time, but my not having eaten, and not having a place to stay dictated my departing.

Driving around in Atlanta at ten o’clock, looking for an “affordable” hotel is not recommended. With a fair effort I had tried to get a place through various online platforms, but didn’t book anything. My aimlessness mixed with hunger got the best of me. My wife finally helped from home, and I followed her sent link to eventually land in a nice-ish hotel.

To be continued…

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