From 1440-50

Posted by Dane Carder on February 18, 2019

I took my daughters to the Frist Museum today, and my mind was blown again by one of the beautiful Italian paintings in the upstairs gallery. I am a complete sucker for this sort of painting, and it all started when I studied in Italy and came face to face with the work of Giotto and Masaccio, specifically. Everything about it… so much so that I am inclined to create a replica of it for my own (likely won’t happen, but cuss, it would be lovely to see every day). This experience strengthened my bond to the old masters and their craft, and affirmed my long preference of the old to the new. Such as this is, it’s likely my ticket to falling of the radar in the art world… Maybe, luckily, I wasn’t ever really on the radar. Hashtag, art for art’s sake.

Image is Panel from a Marriage Chest with Story of Lisabetta of Messina (1440-50) by Giovanni di Ser Giovanni Guidi called Lo Scheggia

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