Fragments of Man

Posted by Dane Carder on December 20, 2019

Finally, I decided on the title for my upcoming show at Red Arrow Gallery. In the big picture, it doesn’t matter one bit. The show could be called, New Paintings, or just Paintings… I could go the ridiculous route and title it some pretentious bullshit, like, The Fabric of SeeingĀ  What is Fractured and White and How it Heals Us. So, like so many things, it doesn’t matter. I’ll just be glad when it has come and gone, though I do look forward to the opening, and I really hope to see lots of friends there.

I am simply ready to be fully engaged in Jim’s, and that won’t really happen until the holidays and art show pass. Until then, I’ll keep working to do my best on every task at hand… and, that includes about ten more blog posts to complete my resolution project. Thanks for stopping by here.

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