Four Dwarves

Posted by Dane Carder on April 2, 2019


Within the community at Houston Station, where my studio is located, four of us were “Grumpy” today. It’s nice to have folks in the building that are open and vulnerable enough to answer the “How are you doing” question with an honest, “Grumpy.” The owner of the pilates studio and one of her co-workers both were feeling the mess, as was the owner of the furniture/curiosities store… as was I. Various causes were considered… an astrological event, mid life crises, hormonal synchrony… no sure way to tell, but I’m hoping for all of us that we clear it ASAP.

“Art and the End of Suffering” does field research on days like this, and I can downward spiral with the best/worst of them. A mind full of tools to help escape the foul mood is sometimes insufficient. I/we have to deal with the manure if we want to keep fertilizing the parts of us we wish to grow, and though that stinks, it’s a proven practice.

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