Factory Guy

Posted by Dane Carder on May 28, 2019

Within the realm of repetitive tasks, I find comfort. It has long been this way, and it has come to a most heightened experience the last several years. The meditative quality of the repeating of an action syncs with the soul’s preference for magical pattern… light and sound waves, heartbeats. As it is, I am slipping into the rhythm again with a multitude of paintings that ask of me the tasks of repeating… I disappear. Thirty-four new paintings on the factory floor today, and the sight was exciting. I poured all the forms today on the panels, and they should be hardened by the time I get back in town on Friday.

I leave tomorrow again for Jim’s, and this time, I’m taking the daughters… we’ll put them to work at the register and as hostess. For the first time ever, I am allowed a sacred spot at the spaghetti sauce pot… a forty gallon monster of kitchen wonder. It’s quite an honor, and I will not take it lightly. Certainly, there will be some huge challenges with this endeavor, but I keep focussed on the mission of service, helping the family, and working hard to ensure the future of Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce.

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