Posted by Dane Carder on June 24, 2019

After washing the concrete floor in our garage turned mudroom/laundry room/office about five times, I sealed it with two coats of “cherry wax.” We didn’t want or need a perfect artisanal finish, but a clean, organic and authentic patina. Getting all of the drywall dust out of the pores and cracks took a lot of scrubbing and rinsing… it was a fine workout. With the guidance of a professional, I found the right topcoat, and applied it myself; it wasn’t difficult. Had we hired this job out, it would have cost at least $750. I think that I spent fifty dollars on materials and a handful of hours in labor. The feeling of accomplishment was priceless, and the savings was valuable. There’s not much left to finish this renovation, and then the fun begins of stocking our new cabinetry, doing laundry in a clean room, having a desk to serve multiple purposes, and a “studio wall” to work on paintings at home. Two hundred extra square feet in our small home will be well welcomed.


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