Posted by Dane Carder on August 18, 2019


Last week, along with starting to write my first official business plan, I spent about seven hours cleaning mold/mildew off of items in the family storage unit. Apparently, the roof at the facility leaked sometime months ago, and we were not notified. The unit isn’t climate controlled, and the lovely summer heat created a perfect environment for spores. So, I took on the job to document the damage, clean the funk the best I could, and then treat all the effected wood with furniture oil. It was a sweaty, filthy, stinky task, and I found strange enjoyment in it. Today, I got some help from my brother in carrying the heavy stuff to the new, smaller, climate controlled unit. All done.

The idea of storage spaces freaks me out a bit. We began renting one when my grandmother passed away, and we inherited some beautiful antiques. Other odds and ends have found their way there over these last couple of years, but it’s not a ton of stuff. I don’t know what else to say about that right now.

I smoked a cigar with a friend last night, and it was good. Real conversation nourishes as much as a proper diet. Unfortunately, our culture is about as keen to that as it is to mindful eating. Anyways, Monday’s coming soon, and I’m hungry for it all.

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