Dead Battery

Posted by Dane Carder on September 7, 2019

I took two Saturday afternoon drives today in an attempt to recharge my car’s battery. It was slightly successful, but mostly it proved that the battery is close to death. Tomorrow morning’s diagnosis will determine the fate of it, and the next course of action. The impromptu drives were nice… I pulled up some On Being podcasts and cruised Interstate 65 S & N twice each. Otherwise, the day was mostly uneventful.

Sunday is coming, and it begins the season for my beloved and frustrating Tennessee Titans. It’s an often surprising fact about my life that I am a diehard fan of my home team. Many people project the notion that because I am an artist, I wouldn’t sink into such a sport as football… that’s a way off analysis. I played football through high school, and if my life situation had been different, or had I been 5’10, 185 lbs instead of 5’8″, 160, I may have played small college football. I was extremely passionate about the game, and I guess that I still am. My art teacher in high school was also my football coach… and, after my father died, he also became a father figure. All that to say, I’ll be excited to ride the waves tomorrow of the Titans’ first game of the year.

Besides that, I’ve got some things to write about the art crawl (which happened again tonight), as it still weighs on my mind. But, I’ve not the time for that one tonight. The coming will will be juicy, with a wild concoction of events on the calendar, all ending with my first trip to Las Vegas. Maybe, the blog will be able to keep up with this weird assortment… or, not.

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