Day 290

Posted by Dane Carder on October 17, 2019

Someone asked me the other day if I was still blogging…

Well, the year is not over, and my New Year’s resolution lives on, one day at a time. I admit that I am excited to move on from this practice. It has provided a solid platform on which to express some ideas, but I have not stretched myself in the way that I had imagined. This exercise settled into a journalistic format for the most part, where little lessons and such simmer near the top of the intention. I don’t imagine that it’s exciting or valuable content… Evidently, I don’t need it to be that. The resolution was not to write one valuable blog post every day for the year. So, I give myself a pass, I go a bit easy on myself. This is an important lesson that I recently imparted to one of my daughters. She is tough on herself, and to balance that with plenty of self acceptance is key. Improving on our shortcomings deserves much attention, but without perspective and acceptance, the situation becomes toxic to one’s mental and emotional health. (It took me far too long to understand this, and so I share the lesson with the twelve year old.)


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