curating for 2015. now.

Posted by Dane Carder on August 1, 2013

i met with a curator yesterday to discuss my show that will likely open in the spring or fall of 2015. i left the meeting around 4:15, and i wasn’t even sure what was for dinner… much less, what 2015 looks like.  it is a good thing that this style of planning works for me… plant the seed, water it, fertilize, etc.  the show is at an undisclosed, iconic location in nashville, and i am thrilled to create a body of work specifically for this show.  over the years, series that are tangents on the larger body of work are born in the mind and sketchbook.  opportunities like this arise, and offer fertile ground for the planting of these seeds.  i will soon begin combing over the many stockpiled images to get a clearer vision of the Work that lies ahead.  in regards to the nearer future, i have the pleasure of traveling to memphis tomorrow with my wife for the opening of a group show that i am in at David Lusk Gallery.  i am extremely grateful for the opportunity to show in that space.  the kids are back to school next week, and i, back to a more scheduled routine that i could likely be in dire need of now.  i hope that you are well… seriously.

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