Posted by Dane Carder on January 10, 2013

i am leaving for NYC at 6:30 tomorrow morning, and until then, i am doing tens of other things except working on the Work.  i am hosting studio visitors, painting Seed Space‘s wall black for their upcoming show, having lunch with my daughter for her birthday, shooting video for threesquared’s upcoming show, etc.  it was nice surrendering the responsibility of pushing forward on the latest painting.  i am going to NYC to see Picasso’s black and white painting show at the Guggenheim, and i will also get to the Met for several of their shows, and i will eat well, and peruse a little bit of Chelsea, and share cake with some friends for their son’s first birthday.  all in all, it is the most fantastic life here in early January, and i remain grateful.  i have added a couple of “back burners” to my metaphorical stove, and i also installed a griddle in the middle.

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